Pathway21 Is Powering a Revolution in Industrial Materials Reuse

Pathway21 speeds the shift to a circular economy by transforming the way manufacturers source, value and manage materials. Our cloud-based Materials Marketplace platform shuts the door on waste and opens the door to new revenue, lower costs and a real path to a resilient supply chain.

Communities and companies benefit, both financially and environmentally

Through this network, Pathway21 is powering a revolution in industrial materials reuse that could contribute to $1 trillion a year in savings from the global circular economy and unlock a wealth of data on manufacturing materials, waste streams and other opportunities that have not been available before.

A history of success

Pathway21 grew out of an award-winning pilot project created by the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development. Alarmed that more than 295,000 manufacturers in the United States alone produce an estimated 7 billion-plus tons of excess industrial materials annually, the US BCSD designed the U.S. Materials Marketplace in 2015 to demonstrate the potential for reuse. During the pilot, 23 companies engaged 78 facilities in uploading 150 materials, totaling 2.4 million tons, to the platform. Participants offering and seeking materials received 68 matches.

The project earned a Circulars: Digital Disruptor award from the World Economic Forum and a Project of the Year award from Environmental Leader in 2016. US BCSD founder Andy Mangan founded Pathway21 in 2017, and the company is now scaling the Materials Marketplace concept to enable materials reuse around the world. About 1,000 companies are already participating in Pathway21’s national and regional Materials Marketplaces.

What Motivates Us?

As a Certified B Corporation®, Pathway21 is committed to creating social and environmental benefits as well as profits. We’re working toward our vision of a new global economy where reuse is standard, manufacturers get top value from all resources and nothing goes to landfill.