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Pathway21’s Materials Marketplace

Pathway21’s Materials Marketplace platform shuts the door on manufacturing waste and opens the door to new revenue, lower costs and a real path to a resilient supply chain. Through the Marketplace, companies can buy and sell reusable materials, governments can work with manufacturers to move toward zero waste, and corporate sponsors can tap into a network of circular economy leaders. Learn more about our history and vision.

Materials matching has been tried many times before, but several new developments make now a better time than ever for making this concept a normal business practice.


The cloud-based Pathway21 Materials Marketplace gives participants practical ways to save money, improve supply chain resilience, and generate value from reusable materials. Participants provide information about the materials they want to sell or purchase, and the platform uses this information to identify connections and alert participants to opportunities. Get the details.

Marketplace Collaborators

Through the Materials Marketplace platform, participating companies form a tight-knit network of like-minded peers working together to find and implement opportunities to better manage their materials. In addition, leading universities work with projects to introduce new cutting-edge solutions to the most difficult challenges.

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