The Pathway21 Platform

Putting materials reuse at your fingertips

Pathway21’s Materials Marketplace is a highly secure, cloud-based platform that enables company-to-company industrial materials reuse. It captures the power of the SaaS model to put materials reuse at your fingertips, allowing the circular economy to scale worldwide.

The platform provides an efficient user experience as well as the ability to capture and leverage data to produce actionable insights about materials and their potential uses. It allows participants to:

The Materials Marketplace platform is global in reach yet considers local needs. 

Benefits include:

A Vision for the Future

The Marketplace platform records all matches made and learns from them, whether or not a transaction results, enabling continuous improvement. This data will allow companies to quantify and report on the environmental, operational and financial impacts of reuse and to compare their performance with that of industry leaders.

The next-generation marketplace software will leverage breakthroughs in data collection and analysis technologies. It will automatically identify reuse functions, reducing the need for research to verify and supervise materials exchanges. It will match a material’s supply and demand based on its chemical and physical properties and elemental composition. And it will provide customized recommendations based on the metrics that matter most for corporate sustainability goals.

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