Materials Marketplace Programs

The US Materials Marketplace platform brings together companies and materials from all over the nation for anyone in the US to join. Leading city & state organizations, detailed below, have sponsored concentrated marketplace program launches as part of their recycling and general circular economy strategies. In the coming months, more entities will be joining to build regional adoption.

Austin Materials Marketplace Program 

By becoming an early supporter of The Materials Marketplace, Austin, Texas established itself as a global circular economy leader. The program was led by the City of Austin (Austin Resource Recovery) in an effort to reach its zero-waste goal of 90% landfill diversion by 2040.


Ohio Materials Marketplace Program

Sponsored by the Ohio EPA, this marketplace aims to create a closed-loop, collaborative network of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs where one organization’s hard-to-recycle wastes and by-products becomes another organization’s raw material.


Tennessee Materials Marketplace Program 

With funding support from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation the marketplace creates collaborations working towards zero-landfill with agile, innovative small-to-medium-sized businesses, passionate nonprofits and large corporations.


Michigan Materials Marketplace Program 

Launched in 2018 and sponsored by the Michigan Department of Environment of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, this program connects businesses to new circular economy opportunities, increasing recycling and reuse while reducing the environmental impact from traditional disposal practices. Additionally, it will generate new revenue paths and jobs in this emerging industry.


Global Scale

The drive to increase material reuse is a global phenomenon and The Materials Marketplace is a global platform. In regions around the world, leading organization and governments are partnering to launch marketplace programs that will drive change and provide insight into materials streams and the opportunities a circular economy will provide.

Turkey Materials Marketplace Program

This program launch is supported by Austria’s DRIVE (Delivering Resource efficiency InVEstments) Fund, the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the European Union (EU) and led by the Turkish Business Council for Sustainable Development to promote sustainable resource investments in the Western Balkans and Turkey for the period 2015-2020.


Vietnam Materials Marketplace Pilot Program

As one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, Vietnam hosts a thriving manufacturing economy increasing the amount of materials deposited in Vietnam’s landfills, a significant health and environmental challenge. Our program sponsor is P4G, a new 2018 initiative, which aims to be the world’s leading forum for developing concrete public-private partnerships at scale to deliver on the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement, The program will provide insight into material flow, map regional stakeholders, and lay the foundation for the movement of industrial waste up the value chain for its highest and best use.

Israel Materials Marketplace Program

The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, in cooperation with the Israel Digital Headquarters at The Ministry for Social Equality, is sponsoring a feasibility project for a regional Materials Marketplace. Pathway21, a groundbreaking project for the Israeli economy led by consulting firm Danon, is engaged to create cooperation between companies so that the by-products of one can be used as a resource by another. The one-year pilot will culminate with a national promotion for long-term advancement of reuse.