How It Works

Using the Pathway21 Materials Marketplace platform is simple

Participants sign up for the Materials Marketplace and then provide information about reusable materials and services they want to trade, sell or purchase. The Marketplace actively analyzes materials desired and available, and sends participants curated matches. Participants can also search for opportunities.

When buyers and sellers are ready to make a transaction, the Marketplace walks them through the process, actively facilitating their communications.

Key Features & Benefits

Pricing for a sustainable marketplace

Right now, members can join and participate for free based on support from our corporate, city and state sponsors. In the future, the Marketplace should be self-funded, with pricing driven by the value it brings its members.  It is important that the pricing method we use does not hinder participation.

So, we need your help to arrive at a method that works for all stakeholders.  Over the next few months we will be asking for your opinion and you can make suggestions anytime at

Join the Materials Marketplace!

Get in touch with a Marketplace facilitator by clicking this button, and we’ll guide you through creating your profile and adding materials you want to sell or buy.

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